Why did we make MedProjectHub?

Have you ever felt the system is not fair?

Have you struggled to find a QI project in your chosen speciality? Have you struggled to get a publication? Are you frustrated with current ways of hearing about the courses or conferences that interest you? 

We are a team of junior doctors training in the UK who believe there is a better way of doing all of the above.

Like you, we were left frustrated with the current methods when looking for courses, projects, and conferences during medical school and during our junior doctor years.

Equality of Access

We believe in the equality of access to information and career opportunities. Your speciality or location of your career should not be determined by your gender, ethnicity, socio-economic status or connections.

Over the last few years, there has been a lot of focus on the importance of diversity in medicine, and certain pathways have been designed to allow a more diverse workforce. However, there has been less of a focus to ensure this diverse group of talented individuals are getting similar opportunities as their peers.

At medprojecthub, we want to give everyone the same chance regardless of their background. 

Collaborative Future


One thing that we have learned from the pandemic, is that work can be done in different locations. We want to make it easier to collaborate on a range of projects. 

We truly believe in national collaboration as a means of tackling many of the problems faced in healthcare. Why not run the local audit at a national level, have a larger impact and change the national guidelines? 

Thinking about running a teaching programme? Why not look for other teachers nationally and educate a nation! 

Solving bigger issues requires a larger team. MedProjectHub is where you find your team!

Join our team