Common questions from the candidates

If you wish for us to delete your accounts, please email us from the email address that you used to create that account and we will delete it for you.
When you find a project that you are interested in (from our projects page), select it to view more information, such as the deadline and a description of the project. From this page, you can apply by clicking on the green 'Express Your Interest' button. This will give the organiser a notification, and they will get in touch in due course with further information. We have created a 2 min video that shows you how to apply for projects.
The project organiser will receive a message with your details (including the information you have added to your profile and your CV). They will then review all the applicants and email you if need more information. They may shortlist you for an interview or reject your application. We will send you email notifications to inform you of any changes to your application status.
The project organiser will send you a message through our website. They could respond by emailing you, shortlisting for an interview or rejecting your application. You will receive an email notification with the results of this. You may then contact the organiser directly using their email address. This can be found on their profile by clicking on their name. Contact us on if having any issues accessing this.
The length of time waiting for responses varies between different organisers. Some organisers respond to each application as they receive it whilst others wait until the application deadline before responding to all applicants. As always, you could email us at for further information.
By setting up email alerts, you can make sure you receive an update with the latest projects in your chosen speciality/location. This way, you do not have to worry about constantly checking to ensure you are not missing out on projects relevant to your field. This system is used by various organisations such as NHS jobs.
You first need to go to the project's page. On there set up whatever filters that you are interested in. Make sure you select the advance search to be able to choose location and speciality. If you are interested in national projects, do not set any filters. However, if you are interested in a regional project, you should select the country and the region but not the hospital. For example, if looking for projects within the SouthWest of England, select England and then SouthWest, but do not select any hospitals. After selecting your search criteria, scroll to the bottom of the page, type in an alert's name. For example, All Surgical Teaching Projects in the SouthWest. You should then choose how regularly you would like to receive these updates before creating the alert. You could watch this 2 min video below for further clarification.

Common questions from the project organisers

We are a group of junior doctors that want to make it easier to find out about career development opportunities. We have created this website to help facilitate collaboration on a national scale. The candidates can create email alerts on the type of projects that they are interested in. So by signing up to this website, you will make sure you're promoting your new project to all the right people.
You can post a new project from your dashboard. Log in to your account and click on the 'post a new project' tab. You will need a title, description of the project, application deadline, amongst other pieces of information. We collect this information to ensure we are promoting your project to candidates specifically interested in that field/location.
Currently, it is set at 1 year. We change this regularly depending on the number of projects we have on our website at any time. This sometimes means your project will stay on there even if the application deadline has passed. We do this to inspire other projects. You could always email us if you would like your project to come off the website.
Yes, you could update your project by logging in to your account and selecting the 'manage my projects' tab. You could edit or remove your projects from there.
Log in to your account and go to your dashboard. Select the 'Manage Projects' tab. On this page, you could review your applications and tick the 'Fill' box. This will stop future candidates from applying.
You could set specific questions for interested applicants. The answers could be in the form of multiple-choice, checkbox and free text. For example, you could ask about the stage of their training, their place of work/study or their speciality of choice. These could be done when you post a new project.
We read through all the posted projects to ensure they are appropriate for posting. We do not check the accuracy of the information. We only check the entered information to ensure you are reaching to as many relevant candidates as possible. We aim to get these done within 48 hours of receiving your project.

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